Crye Precision Airframe Chops

Crye Precision


This item is not available to the general public and cannot be purchased online. Please email us for a quote.

Easily attached and removed with one hand, the Chops offer mission-tailorable maxillofacial protection. The Chops provide simple lightweight ballistic protection that doesn't compromise communication, hydration, or situational awareness. Uses the same attachment system as the Ears. One size fits all AirFrame helmets.

  • Allows proper sighting and firing of weapons
  • Eliminates blind spots inherent to traditional face protection
  • Able to be donned and doffed in seconds
  • Compatible with NVGs and most standard tactical goggles
  • Flexes to fit various face shapes
  • Provides fragmentation and blast/flame protection
AirFrame Rails are required for Chops installation.

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