Forceprotector Gear FOR76 SmartPak Combat Deployment Bag

Forceprotector Gear


This bag will change the way you loadout and pack!

The SmartPak is the most versatile bag in the FPG arsenal in adapting your loadout into a 'Carry On' capability.

This is far from a tradiitional duffle style bag....first, it is fully padded and holds shape like all FPG deployment bags...

To add to this, we incorporated our Original Design FPG 'SmartPak' System! No more floppy bags with awkward loads shifting like a sack of potatoes.

SmartPak orgainzes your loadout into two vented chambers inside / along the sides...with two additional external 'Dry Pockets' on the ends that enable you to pack wet muddy kit (boots/socks/jackets) while keeping it isolated from the dry stuff inside your main body.


Two Internal Vented-Lateral Pockets
Act as Chambers -
Leaving Center Open to Pack More and Stabilize Load 

Two End 'Dry Pockets' featuring 1000Denier Construction with external access w/p YKK #10 sliders

FPG Padded Shoulder Straps w/ stowe pockets

FPG FoamTec 360 degree padding 
Unique pocket system 
Holds gear in place
Gear does not shift when worn as a backpack
4 Pocket system isolates wet/dry

Dimensions: 36L" x 15W" x 15D"

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