Spearpoint is a leading supplier of Integrated Systems, comprised of world leading technology, sourced globally.

about spearpoint

Spearpoint is an Australian, veteran owned and operated supplier of Integrated Systems. We stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, drawing from an extensive network of leading international partners.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with solutions that enable optimal performance when paramount.

Our staff leverage their respective backgrounds & experience to identify & secure leading edge, innovative, high quality, operationally proven solutions that address the requirements of Defence, Law Enforcement, security agencies, and related businesses in the Asia Pacific Region. We focus on equipping you with integrated solutions across three core capabilities:

Survivability Systems: Signature Management, Deceptives, Decoys, and Deployable Force Protection.

Soldier Systems: Innovative technologies, integrated to enhance soldier situational awareness.

Expeditionary Systems: Rapidly deployable, communications & tactical boarding equipment & law enforcement solutions.

Our team can be reached on +61 2 6298 2100 or sales@spearpoint.net.au