CACI is a US company that provides expertise and technology to enterprise and mission customers in support of national security missions and government transformation for defence, intelligence, and civilian customers. 

CACI software-defined solutions are open, modular, and scalable, ensuring dominance across all domains.

CACI's BEAM™ 3.0 is a modular, low size, weight, and power (SWaP), electronic attack system capable of detecting, identifying, locating, and direction finding (DF) the most sophisticated modern small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) and associated communication devices. BEAM 3.0 surveys the environment to enable the operator to detect and defeat adversary sUAS, range extenders, cellular communications, push-totalk radios, WiFi, Mode-S/ADS-B, Bluetooth, and digital or analog video signals. BEAM 3.0 can be operated independently or multiple BEAM systems operating in proximity create a self-forming network, remotely controlled from a single operator, increasing detection and mitigation range and capabilities.

The CACI BEAM Squad System full-spectrum autonomous collaborative mission management system of capabilities provides: 

  • Cross-layer Cognitive Mission Management (C2M2) software manages capabilities of network devices, whether C-UAS specific signals or full spectrum EW/ES/EA missions, to create a “plug-n-play” kit environment 
  • Local mission operator or remote extended range ops centre control 
  • Automatically adapts to intermittent/lost comms  
  • Operates in a GPS denied or degraded environment 
  • Open architecture enables rapid development Interoperable with AeroVironment Switchblade kinetic kill autonomous strike UAV 


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