Rafael is an Israeli company that has designed Footprint, which is a navigation system designed for dismounted soldiers that enables highly accurate, fully reliable, and continuous real-time self-positioning information in GPS-denied environments and in areas with limited or no GPS reception. Fusing the data from multiple sensors, the system operates indoors or outdoors, and in any terrain, and provides precise Real-Time positioning with accuracy within a 1% margin of error. Footprint is a unique holistic solution which enables the user to navigate without GPS. Benefits include: 

  • Tested and selected by the IDF 
  • Suitable for any areas without GPS due to jamming, poor reception, or obstructions 
  • Easily integrates with soldier’s existing devices (tablet/smartphone) 
  • Military-grade, built for extreme weather & rough terrain 
  • Undetectable by opposing forces 
  • Low power consumption; 24 hours of operation  
  • Small and lightweight 
  • Enables easy sharing of soldiers’ positions 
  • Customizable; boot-mounted integration 


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