The result of two decades of research, development, and testing by the award-winning physics team in AlphaMicron’s renowned laboratories, e-Tint® brings advanced science to bear on modern eyewear. Leveraging proprietary liquid crystal technology, e-Tint® is the world’s fastest transitional eyewear, bar none. A single e-Tint lens will transform from light to dark, or dark to light, in less than 0.1 second.

e-Tint Tint-Changing e-Tint Specs

Electronic: Battery-operated liquid crystal lens Battery life: 70+ hours continuous use
Fail-safe: Designed to go clear without power 100% UV blocking
Adjustable: Nose-piece and temple arms for perfect fit Anti-glare
Impact: ANSI z87.1 impact resistant lens Anti-fog coating
Optics: ANSI z80.3 optical performance RX – Prescription add-on lens (select models)

e-Tint’s unprecedented tint-adjustment capability and speed were designed around the needs of the most discerning users on a global scale: the United States Department of Defense. Created to address and overcome mission-critical conditions, e-Tint has a long history of meeting exceptional performance.

Working with Special Forces and the Army, e-Tint successfully developed the first military-grade liquid crystal technology for sunlight protection in the battlefield, where speed, control, and safety are essential. The eyewear is now the first-ever electronically controlled tint-changing eyewear to be approved and included on the United States Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). The eyewear is available and approved for use by active soldiers. To serve those who serve our country has been the Company’s highest accomplishment to date.

Now, e-Tint® technology is available to members of the military and to the public. Whether day or night, in any weather condition, wearers have complete control over the tint of their impact-rated eyewear or visors.

No interchangeable lenses. No lag time. No settling.

Tint that automatically changes faster than the blink of an eye.

® is the technology used in preferred eyewear for:

  • United States military personnel
  • CTRL® is the only APEL-approved eyewear
  • Tactical professionals including first-responders and the police
  • Award-winning professional athletes including Tour de France winner Andy Shcleck and Mountain Bike Champion Søren Nissen
  • Extreme sports athletes – skiing, snowboarding, motorcyclists, and more
  • Recreational hunters and outdoorsmen