DefenCell Gabion Barriers

In partnership with J&S Franklin of the UK and Maccaferri of Italy, Spearpoint offers a modular range of barriers.   These systems are in extensive use worldwide, with NSN and test data available. The barriers are available in 2 types, geotextile and gabions, and multiple sizes.

The DefenCell Mac Gabions from Maccaferri are a robust and modular range of barriers, constructed with a strong cellular design with galvanised metal frames. The Mac gabions are compact for transport and storage, while easy and fast to fill and install. Sizes include:

MAC1: Height 1.37m (4’6”) Width 1.06m (3’6”)
Length 10m (32’) 9 cells long
NSN 5680-99-835-7866 (beige) 5680-99-001-9396 (green)
DefenCell MAC1
MAC2: Height 0.61m (2’) Width 0.61m (2’)
Length 1.22m (4’) 2 cells long
NSN 5680-99-968-1764 (beige) 5680-99-001-9397 (green)
DefenCell MAC31

MAC3: Height 1.0m (3’3”) Width 1.0m (3’3”)

Length 10m (32’) 10 cells long

NSN 5680-99-001-9392 (beige) 5680-99-001-9398 (green)

DefenCell MAC3

MAC4: Height 1.0m (3’3”) Width 1.50m (5’)

Length 10m (32’) 10 cells long

NSN 5680-99-001-9393 (beige) 5680-99-001-9399 (green)

DefenCell MAC4

MAC5: Height 0.61m (2’) Width 0.61m (2’)

Length 3.05m (10’) 5 cells long

NSN 5680-99-001-9394 (beige) 5680-99-001-9400 (green) 

DefenCell MAC5

MAC7: Height 2.21m (7’3”) Width 2.13m (7’)

Length 27.74m (90’) 13 cells long

NSN 5680-99-169-0183 (beige) 5680-99-126-3716 (green)
DefenCell MAC7
MAC8: Height 1.37m (4’6”) Width 1.22m (4’)
Length 10m (32’) 9 cells long
NSN 5680-99-335-4902 (beige) 5680-99-517-3281 (green)
DefenCell MAC8

MAC9: Height 1.0m (3’3”) Width 0.76m (2’6”)

Length 9.14m (30’) 12 cells long

NSN 5680-99-563-5949 (beige) 5680-99-052-0506 (green)
DefenCell MAC9

MAC10: Height 2.12m (7’) Width 1.52m (5’)

Lenght 30.5m (95’) 20 cells long

NSN 5680-99-391-0852 (beige) 5680-99-770-0326 (green)

DefenCell MAC10

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