Earphone Connection

Since 1997, The Earphone Connection, Inc. has worked diligently to deliver professional and innovative two-way radio accessories to the law enforcement industry.  EPC introduced the first wireless microphone with push-to-talk, the first quick release cables and many other ground-breaking products to redefine the status quo. No one likes to settle for mediocre.  EPC engages with officers in the field then designs and builds tactical communication accessories for their needs.  EPC solutions are in widespread use by law enforcement, military, security, entertainment, industrial, retail and hospitality. 

Spearpoint is the sole supplier of EPC solutions in Australia/NZ.


EPC specialises in various comms categories including:

  • Wireless Including solutions for:
    • Wireless microphones,
    • Wireless PTT kits,
    • Bluetooth adapters (including for tactical/patrol radios),
    • Wireless accessories,
  •  Surveillance Including solutions for:
    • Surveillance kits,
    • Two-wire kits,
  • PTT over cellular (POC). Microphones & PTTs to augment your favourite POC apps.
  • Tactical audio. Includes:
    • Microphones,
    • Bluetooth headsets/hearpro,
    • Bone conduction headsets,
  • Listen only. Professional and discreet earpiece options.
  • Microphones. Including solutions for:
    • Lapel microphones,
    • Speaker microphones,
  • Parts & accessories.
  • Bespoke solutions. If you have a requirement, please make contact as below.

Read more about EPC here

Please contact ian.jiear@spearpoint.net.au for further details on specific solutions.