Personal Shelters


Spearpoint offers the Catoma Wolverine Extended Bed Net System (EBNS), comprising the Burrow Bed Net System and the Wolverine Rainfly Kit. The Wolverine is the in-service sleeping system for the USMC, with 22,000+ units in service.

Originally designed to fit securely onto a military cot, the US Marines decided they liked it so much they wanted to deploy it in the field as well. In response, Catoma ruggedised the design and created the capability of adding a rainfly. They have since delivered hundreds of thousands of systems on contract. The latest generation has even more user friendly features, improved parts and fittings, and enhanced capability.  

Burrow Bed Net System - NSN: 3740-01-543-5652 

The Burrow’s instant deployment and cot compatibility make it an efficient, fast-access shelter to protect users from insects and a great shelter for medical patients in the field. It has Permethrin bonded to the material for insect repellency.  



Spearpoint has gone one step further, combining and integrating the Catoma Wolverine with the unique Fibrotex NOA Personal Modular Camouflage System. The NOA is a single system, multispectral signature management solution for personal camouflage and small team combined use. 

The modular system design protects a single warfighter but can be connected to provide protection to larger force elements. The NOA provides true multispectral sensor defeat across a broad spectrum. NOA are available with fully reversible colour/pattern combinations, 

The Wolverine and NOA combination is an innovative and unique capability for the warfighter. 

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