Granite Gear Fitting Guide

What torso length should I get?

DETERMINE TORSO LENGTH Measure the distance between your seventh cervical vertebra and the crest of your hipbones, using a flexible tape measure. Your Torso Length will determine where to attach the pivot point shoulder strap hardware.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulders-width apart. Tilt your head forward and place your hands on your hips, thumbs to the back.

Note: Hold the line between the tip of your index fingers and thumbs parallel to the ground, with the tip of your index fingers resting on the crest of your hipbones, and your thumbs near the center of your back. With a flexible tape, have someone measure from the most prominent bone at the base of your neck to an imaginary line drawn to connect your thumbs. This will be your torso length.

NOTE: Follow the contours of your back with a flexible tape to accurately determine your torso measurement. The bottom hole is 16” torso, the top hole is 22” torso.


NOTE: The CHIEF framesheet has fine adjustment settings spaced in one inch increments to further fine-tune your fit. Regular Torso Fits 16” to 22”

What size hipbelt?

Use the size chart below and go by your regular pant size waist measurement. A properly sized hip belt will wrap over your hip bones and still leave a gap in the padding at the front. (Measured by circumference at hip crest)

Hip Belt Sizing
Small 28"-34"
Medium 34"-40"
Large 40+"