Pure Hydration Survivor 58 Personal Water Purifier

Pure Hydration

PH Survivor 58

The Survivor 58 (S58) is a personal water purifier which is capable of quickly turning up to 750 litres (200 gallons) of potentially contaminated water into clear, clean & safe drinking water.

Operating away from a fixed base for extended periods is challenging enough, it’s made more difficult when you have to carry all drinking water with you.

The Survivor 58 is an exact copy of the standard issue UK MOD 58 pattern water bottle, with the exception that this bottle is made from LDPE which makes it Squeezable and works perfectly with our purifier which will produce safe drinking water from any available sources.

  • Our Survivor Purifier meets and exceeds US EPA – Guide Standard for Microbiological Water Purifiers testing protocol – US compliance Environmental Protection Agency – EPA’s Microbiological Reduction requirements as shown in the US National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (http://epa.gov/safewater/mcl.html) under the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • UK compliance – Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000
  • EU compliance – European Drinking Water Directive Council Directive 98/83/EC
  • Tested & approved for use by the UK MOD
  • The only purifier product fully endorsed by the the Hospital of Tropical Diseases London
  • Compatible with UK MOD PLCE webbing
  • Use on rivers, streams, Lakes, rock pools, standing or stagnant water
  • NO Chemicals required & NO waiting time – Instant virus level protection
  • No moving parts
  • Capacity: 1 litre (34oz)
  • Purifier capacity: rated at approx. 750L or 200 gallons
  • Weight: 199g (7oz)

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